5 Secrets to Hygienic Contact Database Success

Hygienic Contact Database
Nowadays, there are several challenges that a marketer will face with their contact database. These issues cover inaccurate contact details like email addresses and phone number, Incomplete or fragmented lists, Huge data Isles from your CRM/marketing automation tools, inconsistent data entry, just to name a few.  Seeing so many contact data issues, you must be wondering how you can fix these.

Well, we have tried to give some solutions to your problems which you might want to try out:-

Out with the Old, in with the New

At first, try to define what software program/marketing tool will maintain your in-house master databases. Consolidate and store all the contacts at one single point and determine a maintenance process for the same. Utilizing various 3rd party email authentication tools, check whether your existing email addresses are in existence. You can try out a general company newsletter or a universal opt-in mailer covering industry updates to start with. This will help you to segment the addresses that get bounced. Now create a ‘bounced email list’ which will assist you for future references.

Contact Classification

Have you thought about how your clients perceive you in today’s market? Try to envisage the various criteria you have used to categorize your clients be it through their geography, industry, overall sales figures, profitability, and many more. Once you are through it, think what type of content you would like to share that appeals to them. Contemplate the type of audiences that are more likely to respond to your content. You can classify them by their Job title or role in the company, Market or industry category, Contacts who have engaged with you either by a product purchase, resource downloads, attending trade show/events, etc.

Fill In The Blanks

It is very important to spend sufficient time and money to clean up and update your contact databases. Go through your entire database checking every contact one at a time and fill in the blank fields. Recover the bounced email contacts by studying the bounced email lists (if you recollect we had mentioned a little earlier) and identify the important contacts. Remove the contacts that you feel are “dead” or are no longer of use to you. For the remaining important contacts, verify the information that you have and search for their updated email addresses via their social media profiles or call and confirm.

Segment Your List

After carefully following the above pointers, now you have a up-to-date, clean and complete master database which is ready for segmenting. Try out various permutations that assist you in segmenting your lists as per your campaigns. You can create various master segments with prioritizing as high, medium or low priority. This will give you a starting point for your future marketing emails. You can now target your messaging and offers to specific audiences. Keep modifying and narrowing your segmented lists as per the campaign trends to get more ROI from your campaigns.

Schedule Regular Check-Ups

Now that you have your database, clean and neat, keep it that way. Keep on updating new contact information as you learn about it. Schedule periodic email campaigns to stay connected and check on bounced email reports to maintain your “bounced email list”. Process that list as previously suggested and keep on updating your contacts.

Final Thoughts

Make your contact lists maintenance and expectation for all clients-facing employees (i.e. sales, marketing, client-side operations). Thinking out the finest methods to segment your audience will make is easier to reach the correct people with the accurate information. Only when you are 100% confident that you have accurate, complete data can you assess your tactics towards your different subsections. Customers can’t claim offers they don’t receive.

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