4 Reasons Why Direct Dials Can Boost Your Sales Pipeline

4 Reasons Why Direct Dials Can Boost Your Sales Pipeline


When it comes to selling to B2B organizations, who do you think runs the show? Ask any experienced B2B salesperson – The answer would always be the same – the top decision-maker. Your sales team’s success entirely depends on how fast and how accurately you can connect to the highest number of decision-makers possible. The benefit of having accurate direct dials in your contact database not only saves your sales team’s time but also boosts your pipeline quickly.

InfoGenie‘s contact and company database comes with direct dial phone numbers and real business intelligence and insights, enabling sales and marketing teams can identify opportunities and act on them within seconds. SMARTe, today, has the highest percentage of direct dial phone numbers and verified email addresses compared to anyone else in the industry. SMARTe’s data with accurate direct dials will keep your SDRs motivated by enabling them to easily bypass switchboards and receptionists and connect directly to your prospects. With InfoGenie, you can always prospect with confidence knowing that your prospect is within your reach.

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