3 tips to identify Sales Ready Leads in your Database

What will be your plan of action, if you know that you have sales ready leads lying in your database, still untouched and ready to act upon?

According to SiriusDecisions, “Knowingly or unknowingly your sales pipeline has 4% to 10% of the leads within your database that are sales ready.”

A normal tendency of a marketer is to focus on generating new leads; which itself is also important, but while generating new leads  marketers might often tend to overlook already existing information in the database.

Nowadays, one of the important marketing metrics is a conversion of marketing leads (Marketing Qualified Lead – MQL) into sales leads (Sales Accepted Lead – SAL and Sales Qualified Lead – SQL). More is the conversion of MQL to SAL and subsequently to SQL; more substantial proof that marketing is doing it right.

So how can you find the over looked leads in your database, and how these  leads can be transferred to sales after qualifying? Here are a few tips:

  1. Monitor activities of right-fit prospects: At times your leads meet your ideal profile, but that gives you no indication whether those leads are sales ready. You can get the indication of sales-ready leads by monitoring actions like submitting trial or demo request, using ‘contact us’ forms. Also, you can try nurturing by providing information like implementation plans, data sheets, pricing information etc.. In other words, the best way to guess sales-readiness is when prospects react to ‘non-promotional’ messages and engage with you on your website, social media or emails.
  2. Identify sales readiness with Call-to-Action: Using call-to-action is the best practice to identify sales-ready leads. Call-to-Action allows leads to self-qualify by taking actions that can show a sign of interest in your company. Call-to-Action on your website or email will surely be an asset to your company. You can have multiple call-to-action on website or emails. Say for example; if you have an email or landing page showing ‘contact us’ or ‘talk with a sales representative’-  this can be helpful. Additionally, your landing page of your website can have ‘Request a demo’ or resources links like company case studies, white papers or brochures, etc. Through this, you can exactly know what your leads are trying to research.
  3. Invest in Marketing automation teamed with CRM: Rather than a click on a link, when a leads completes a form and submits it, that shows a higher level of interest. But the best way is to provide weight age to each activity and keep scoring lead engagement. And once a lead becomes ‘sales-ready’, timely and appropriate follow-ups should be carried out. Marketing technologies like Marketing Automation may give you that advantage to identify sales readiness and immediate action post that.