2019 – Looking for Global data for Outreach and Campaign Programs

Does your company have a global presence? Do you plan to test markets beyond your local outreach? Do you need specific geography data?

But, your current database would be more of local data and may be some percentage of global data. It will not suffice or help you to build a strong sales outreach or marketing strategy to make inroads in different markets and geographies you intend too.

It’s simple – you need entry points at local levels all across to play global. i.e.you have to play ‘Glocal’  (Global+LOCAL) in the market – Global presence, local penetration. You might have your strategies in place, have the right offering for the market, but do you have a database of your target audience in the market at local level? That local level can be country, State or even city specific – based on the nature and size of your target audience business.

Decentralized decision making

More and more decisions are being made at local levels for businesses with multi-locations. Identifying the right decision maker at location level becomes very important to expanding your business in that market. Target your marketing niche anywhere on the planet and build a strong contact database.

What are the typical roadblocks to building a truly global contact data?

The lingual barrier – sourcing and verifying contact data in non- English speaking countries is a definite hindrance

Overcoming non-US, non UK barrier – historically contact data compiled and made available for USA and UK as standard data.

Looking beyond Big Players – if you would like to reach out to organizations not in lists like Fortune 1000, Forbes Global 2000, etc, chances of coverage and accuracy in standard dataset becomes exponentially lower!

No standard rule for naming professional roles (designations): A Marketing Director can be a Marketing Manager in two different countries. Moreover, country/location specific decision maker can vary.

So what you need

You need to adopt a new approach – Discovering a correct and relevant contact instead of dumping a stale standard dataset into your marketing/sales campaigns

Build in-house expertise in sourcing and cleaning up data for global market (read addition of multiple local markets) OR partner with a service provider who can built the data for you as per your criteria. There are a few providers out in the market!

SMARTe offers:

Bespoke Contacts – It provides you with the best quality, custom-built contact data intelligence, managed through a single portal, that helps you collaborate, automate, transactional and analytical activities all in one place. Bespoke delivers 100% accurate & SLA guaranteed customized global data.

  1. Custom-built double opt-In contact lists with verified emails, phone numbers
  2. Fully customized data with personas, industry & title keywords
  3. Precise custom list built in record time with 100% SLA
  4. Provides Contact Discovery, Data Enrichment, Competitive/Technology Intelligence information
  5. A SAS cloud-based model, allowing you to access and control your custom prospect database

Relevant Contacts - Highly accurate and enriched data in real time, to get more qualified leads, increased engagement, and optimized conversion. We apply our own 1000+ data process rules to build a robust and accurate repository of context-rich, clean, normalized and deduped data.

    1. Fully automated real-time global contact discovery platform
    2. Granular level industry targeting – rich set of industry tree where users can drill down to multiple industry segments to know details of your key accounts data
    1. Verification through technology and random sampling
    2. Competitive Install base with social intelligence
    1. Functional Hierarchy – In depth level / function tree structure, along with keyword search option for target accounts

We offer free sample of data talk to our data experts, and also explore the year end discounts.

For more information, visit us at www.smarteinc.com