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About Bespoke Contacts

Bespoke Contacts is unique 100% accurate SLA guaranteed phone verified, customized global data platform in action.  Our combination of technology + human intelligence helps to build an accurate and consolidated database. We provide custom built double opt-in contact list with verified phone numbers across 200+ countries. Bespoke contacts help you to connect with your customer with confidence and help you generate the desired ROI on all your marketing and sales activities.

Drive your own data engine with Automation and Collaboration

  • Project Management– A SAS cloud-based model, allowing you to access and control your data projects
  • Collaboration– Seamless collaboration for managing your team work across geographies
  • Automation– Real-time notification for all transactional activities including data assignment, billing, etc.
  • Communication– Broad message board to communicate with your entire team proactively
  • Analytics– Varied range of intelligent analytics from data usage and campaign patterns perspective
  • Accessibility– On-the-go mobile app access for tracking all message board conversations

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Your single source of accurate B2B data for marketing and sales results!

  • Consent OR Permission based data – Custom-built Double Opt-In contact list with verified phone numbers across 200+ countries keeping GDPR compliance in mind
  • Customized Projects – Custom client project requirements based on personas, industries, titles, and many other fields
  • Compact Costs - Pay only for the clean data vis-à-vis the entire shared data
  • Dedicated team – 24/7 support for all our client queries
  • Highly useful for targeted ABM sales and marketing campaigns in need of accurate B2B leads

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