Account Enrichment

Why do you need Account Enrichment?
According to reports, over 80% of sales and marketing professionals report at least one type of common mistake in their account details. Since data is sourced from various sources (events, webinars, website forms, downloads, list purchases, tradeshows etc.), it’s not normalized or standardized which leads to incomplete records, inaccurate data and outdated information.

Common data mistakes
The most common mistakes in your CRM / MAP are duplicate records, spelling mistakes or incorrectly mentioned information, captured at source. Most common mistakes are erroneous account details such as ‘Company name’ spelled differently, incorrect addresses, email ids, employee size, and missing parent-child relationships further make it difficult for sales team to reach out to the target market, thus hampering sales and lowering ROI on your marketing campaigns.


SMARTe Account Intelligence Insights

We fuel sales professionals and aligned teams with relevant account information enrichment which enables them to be adept, efficient and productive. This helps sales teams to solely focus on selling!


Account Enrichment provides a rich set of information and profiling around company level attributes of each accounts. It enables you with accurate information about your target audience; which includes nature of organization – product / service, average revenue, size of the workforce, mergers & acquisitions and more.


Human Intelligence

We have an in-house team of 200+ market research analysts who build quality data everyday

Domain Experience

We have built a strong repository of over 110 million records which are updated at regular intervals

Data Nuances

With our rich set of ontologies and 1000+ data process rules we are able to deliver contacts with higher match rate beyond industry standards

We help you discover following account enrichment services –

  • A detailed information of the location, industry, size, and other details of your customers
  • Competitor presence
  • IT landscape and strategy
  • Company and financial overview
  • Global locations and geographical coverage
  • Markets and industries, important customers
  • Acquisitions, partners and alliances