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The world of B2B Sales and Marketing is on the cusp of a new horizon, having weathered many challenges since decades, and is still grappling with ‘data’ issues. Most of the companies spend millions of dollars to buy ‘so called quality lists’ from various providers who claim to provide clean and updated database. Add to this, millions of dollars are spent in running marketing campaigns based on the purchased list data which ultimately witnesses very low conversion rate. Few of the B2B data providers have emerged since last decade who promise to deliver high quality data based on new marketing technology stack and claim to harness data science to provide the elixir. But alas, this promise has remained only on paper and at best these fall in the category of ‘point fixes’ eluding enterprise growth. What is still surprising is: hundreds of millions of dollars are still budgeted to keep this old paradigm afloat, as enterprises are in dire need of ‘data’ and ‘insights’.

A recent research concluded that about 80% of data is unstructured, and also decays at a very high rate. So brands end up benefiting from hardly 20% of what’s out there.

But the silver lining amidst data gloom is that, few of the companies are bravely embracing various data challenges and coming up with innovative and game changing B2B solution offerings which will herald a new paradigm and they will be leaders of tomorrow

Here comes SMARTe Inc. – the silver lining. Over a decade, SMARTe has been delivering accurate global B2B prospect database and insights to its enterprise clients thereby impacting their revenue.

Why Choose SMARTe
SMARTe works as a true agile DaaS partner to provide ‘high quality global data’ fueled by data science. We use proprietary focused crawling and NLP technologies coupled with decades of domain expertise and data normalization delivering highly relevant and most accurate prospect data.