About ABM Strategies

When marketers try to house in Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategies in their plans, they tend to put emphasis only on accounts which are more likely to generate ROI for their marketing efforts. Named Accounts are picked based on preferred filters such as, line-of-business, industry, company demographics (size, revenue, and employees), geographic location, and many more. Generally, the focus is on identifying the niche set of companies as best-fit target market. Through targeting best-fit’ companies you can directly address their common pain points which will enhance your strengths.

ABM Strategies: How can SMARTe help?

  • We can have potential alliance with leading ABM providers as most of them only focus on account or Company level details.
  • SMARTe will help to identify best fit accounts (target account list build) through our huge pool of 110 million contact database.
  • We will help you to enrich contact details apart from providing company insights like: size, revenue etc.
  • Our ability to go beyond SIC/NAICS codes, to provide data and insights for the specialized/emerging technology/verticals like: IoT, theme based data: Hadoop users, online lending etc., will help you to reach them for your solutions offerings.

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What kind of information will you need for an effective ABM?

  • Company level information or firmographic data that matches your existing database or best organizational fit
  • Contact level information to identify and engage relevant buyers to influencers with target accounts
  • Accurate and timely named accounts intelligence like trends, industry happenings, trigger events, organizational developments, etc.

At SMARTe, we identify your TAM, reinforce with clean data which yields better results and key account insights. Along with nurturing and marketing via ABM campaigns, we also measure our approach which enables our customers to monitor and close more deals.

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