SMARTe v/s InsideView

Seeking a InsideView alternative?
If you are looking for a reliable and affordable InsideView alternative, here is why you should consider switching to SMARTe.

SMARTe : A Cost-effective InsideView Alternative

InsideView was established in 2005 as a B2B data and intelligence solutions provider to solve business challenges. They primarily focus on data accuracy and not volumes. But, at times, marketers benefit from volumes of data without compromising on data quality. Founded by Sanjay Gala, SMARTe has a coverage of over 181 million contact data and while we provide access to 71 million contacts in the United States, we also have an impressive coverage of global data – 48 million contacts in EMEA, 29 million contacts in APAC, and 15 million contacts in LATAM. Our direct dials and mobile numbers have 70% coverage in North America and 50% coverage in EMEA/APAC across 70 countries

Considering factors like global coverage, data accuracy, data relevancy, and pricing, we let you decide which of these platforms suit your business better. Read further to find out.

Firmographics and target list building capabilities for ABM

SMARTe is the only data provider offering advanced firmographic search combined with technographics for acquiring focused contact lists to gain a competitive edge. Besides, Target List building capabilities aid ABM campaigns solving the need for personalization.  InsideView does offer technographics but lags the specialized filters that can help build a focused list. SMARTe’s prospect database is curated based on unique personas, industries, titles, and more, thus providing effective sales intelligence.

Direct dials and mobile numbers fetched in real-time

SMARTe’s contact data consists of over 181 million contacts and 32 million decision-makers of 20 million companies along with mobile numbers and direct dials. Our mobile numbers and direct dials are fetched in real-time with a coverage of 70% North America and 50% in EMEA/APAC across 70 countries. InsideView has a coverage of only 71 million contacts and while they claim to help customers reach out to key decision-makers, they have minimal coverage on mobile numbers.

360° Business Intelligence platform

InsideView primarily focuses on Lead enrichment and data management solutions. SMARTe offers intuitive platforms like SMARTe Discover and SMARTe Enrich for both prospect discovery and data enrichment respectively. SMARTe’s B2B data consists of over 181 million contactsand 32 million decision-makers of 20 million companies. We also go beyond firmographics and demographics, to offer technographic insights of over 6000 technologies.

Security and Compliance

SMARTe provides you with custom-built double opt-in company data and customer data lists with verified emails and direct dial phone numbers across 200+ countries. Our customers have greatly benefited with this method, especially those who need to grow their audience and sell more products in a shorter span of time. InsideView and other InsideView alternatives do not offer double opt-in data.

Comprehensive Global Data - APAC, EMEA, LATAM, and North America

InsideView builds customized lists of new leads from 15 million companies and 35 million decision makers. However, most of these contacts are concentrated in the North American region. With over a decade of human-verified research expertise, SMARTe offers 100% accurate contact and company profiles from across the globe. We have a vast experience of delivering global B2B data covering APAC, EMEA, North America and LATAM.

Maximise your ROI with flexibly priced solutions

InsideView’s minimum subscription for lead enrichment solutions starts at USD 6000 for their most basic plan. They charge USD 99 per user per month for 100 company and contact exports. SMARTe’s per user pricing ranges from USD 30 to USD 80 per month. We also offer marketing bulk downloads from USD 0.14 to USD 0.50 per credit. SMARTe’s flexible pricing and packages allow you to try out our data and decide whether you’d like to continue, giving you an efficient, low cost, and low commitment option.

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Comprehensive, accurate, and compliant global data

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