Email Marketing is one of the most cost-efficient forms of marketing. It delivers the highest ROI when compared to the rest. But, email marketing has never been easy, right? You churn out potential customers’ email addresses with data sourced from the internet and from cheap, unreliable contact lists bought from various platforms. All your efforts prove to be useless if you are afflicted by a high email ‘bounce rate’.

What is Email Bounce Rate?

Email Bounce Rate basically means your prospect did not even receive the information you wanted them to read. A high bounce rate is usually very frustrating for most email marketers.

Depending on how serious the problem is, email bounces can be categorized as either hard or soft. Hard bounces are essentially permanent delivery failures. This is most likely a result of an erroneous email id or incorrect domain.

Soft bounces are temporary delivery failures that usually occur if the recipients’ inbox is full or your email attachment is possibly too large. It also happens if the email is unsolicited. In such cases, ensure your sourced data comes with opt-in permission to avoid soft bounces.

How to reduce email bounce rates?

There are quite a few things about email deliverability that are out of your control. We, at SMARTe, can help you with almost everything that’s within your control. There are plenty of things you can do to reduce your email campaign’s bounce rates.

1.  Use only permission-based, opt-in data

We, at SMARTe, understand that running successful campaigns and maximizing the impact of those campaigns demands high-quality contact and company data with accurate email addresses. The simplest and the most critical way to avoid email bounces is by ensuring you don’t send emails to people you have not taken permission from. We provide GDPR compliant, double opt-in data to our customers offering SLA guaranteed, 100% email accuracy

2. Verify Email Addresses

This seems obvious, right? Ensure in advance that all email addresses are verified and accurate. SMARTe’s database has custom-built GDPR compliant company data and customer data list with verified emails and direct-dial phone numbers across different geographies. Our Data Enrichment services streamline your CRM/MAP data and ensure we provide verified and accurate email addresses

3.  Run frequent and consistent campaigns

Email lists can go stale within a few months. Lists that have remained dormant for over a year can invite spam complaints apart from bounces. Send your subscribers a welcome email to engage with them right from the start and keep sending relevant messages consistently. By engaging with them regularly, you’ll notice that you receive fewer bounces over a period of time rather than seeing a large number of bounces from a list that has been contacted sparingly.

4. Understand that email data quality is critical for the success of your campaigns

Email marketers tend to spend a lot of time on the content, layout, and design of your email structure. However, if your package is sent to the wrong address, does it really matter how beautifully it was wrapped? Absolutely not. Sending to a list of prospects chosen from an accurate contact database ensures that your thoughtfully written message gets delivered to the intended recipients.

To know more about how SMARTe offers customized solutions that will always keep your data accurate and up-to-date, contact our sales team today! SMARTe solutions provide SLA guaranteed, 100% accurate email addresses

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