GDPR – Methodology

The GDPR presents marketers with many challenges and some fearsome penalties for failing to meet them. Marketers, especially those who process the data of consumers rather than businesses, face a significant workload to become GDPR-ready ahead of the May 2018 deadline.

Top 3 GDPR Compliance Requirements with solutions

#1: Duplicate contacts & missing “Country/Job Titles" etc. in CRM – Resulting in GDPR violation
How we solve it - We audit your data to match the ideal prospect profile and enrich the missing Country/Job Titles

#2: Opt-in proofs/timestamps
How we solve it - We provide explicit Opt-out and Double Opt-in services to ensure your data is clean and compliant

#3 Legitimate Targeted Personas
How we solve it - Granular level persona-based marketing contacts as per their legitimate interest